1. Well, a fan of trivia such as I am HAD to look that up, but all I could find was Cleveland CAValiers/CAVs . . . or were you making a pun? If you were . . . GROAN.

  2. As I know NOTHing about sports teams and their names/mascots, I thought you were serious. I’m now imagining a mascot for the “Calves” . . .

  3. Well yes, it was pretend-ignorance. But in fact one hears “The Cavs” far more than “The Cavaliers”, and the former can sound like an interestingly less aggressive animal mascot than many teams have.

  4. Mitch4 & Kilby – I WAS thinking that maybe it would’ve been better for the ARLO page, or at least with a warning, so subconsciously, I mistyped the URL. That’s my story and I’m . . . stickin’ . . . to it.

    For anyone offended by . . . oh wait, wasn’t CIDUBill gonna have a special page for offensive to some, but still funny, comics? Well, ’til that is established, if you promise to NOT be offended or upset with me, combine the two links from Mitch4 & Kilby, and you’ll have the mascot joke. But not the mascot for the Calves (IS this a real mascot, btw?).

  5. ” one hears ‘The Cavs’ far more than ‘The Cavaliers'”

    You also hear “Blazers” way, way more than Trail Blazers, and these are similarly VERY different, assuming you find arsonists and explorers to be different.

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