1. Harvard Lampoon, 2015:
    Judge: Finalist 1, your word is: “Chariot.”
    Finalist 1: It’s like, a chariot.
    Judge: Correct. Finalist 2, your word is: “Familial Mourning.”
    Finalist 2: Um, shoot, I know this one. Shoot. It’s like, three palm leaves over an eagle.
    Judge: Oh, I’m sorry, it’s four palm leaves over an eagle. Finalist 1, ready for the final word?
    Finalist 1: Yes.
    Judge: If you answer correctly, the title is yours. Your word is: “River.”
    Finalist 1: It’s like, a river.
    Finalist 2: C’mon!

    I liked it. Wish they had their arms at funny right angles.

    Hello, Dali!

    When you’ve got a monicker like Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquis of Dalí de Púbol, I guess Sal gets the point acrosss.

    A nice collection for a cool weekend morning.

  2. She’s totally wrong, though. It should be “bundle of flax, mouth, quail chick, loaf of bread, sarcophagus”.

  3. Powers (#2) – I might have asked to hear it in a sentence. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the word correctly if the speaker is coffin. Undertakers are always having a coffin fit.

  4. That painting’s subject sure has an intense expression.

    Also I love this comic series makes me want to look up painters I’m not familiar with and learn about them.

  5. I had to chuckle about the bookmark thief; I have a helluva time keeping track of my several. I start out using a nice bookmark; soon, it’s gone and I use anything to hand to mark the page, short of sticking one of the dogs in between the pages. Only ’cause I know she would not stay there and I’d end up losing my place anyway.

    A few weeks ago, the library returned one of my bookmarks that was still in a book. That one’s disappeared now, tho, so I’m back to using odd pieces of paper, tweezers, mail I’ve not opened yet, or – if desperate enough – memorizing the page number. THAT rarely works.

  6. I mean, if you’re going to make a comic about Egyptian spelling, why wouldn’t you take 10 minutes to get the spelling right?

  7. The “milk jug” is a bit off putting. As is “picture of x”. In heiroglyphics isn’t it understood that everything is a picture and you’d just say “bird, cobra, milk jug”? After all, all the hundreds of people who did the joke before didn’t feel a need to put “picture of x” in.

  8. That’s one thing that switching to e-books eliminated. You can if you want set electronic ones, but the app keeps track of the last place you were automatically.

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