1. I didn’t realize the ‘answer below’ was serious, as I figured they were ALL named Wilhelm. Or, as my Mother was named after the Dutch Queen, Wilhelmina.

  2. Pete, thanks for that version.
    In this cropped corner of that, do you’all think the one I’ve pointed to could be the intended description? (Note that the position count works better from the Melcher version.)

  3. Mitch, how come *your* comment didnt go into moderation?

    I’m pretty sure that is the one they meant.

  4. Actually, the more I look at it the more it kinda resembles him…. Same hair style and expression.

  5. It’s worth pointing out that the round hat he’s wearing is not a beanie. Those hats are still worn by members of student organizations in Germany and Austria, roughly comparable to American fraternities, but which often carry a political component that is less common in American frats.

  6. @ Chak – I think Melcher accidentally took the purple from the gentleman to the right. In addition, the “stripes” he mentions aren’t visible at all in the resolution that he presented.

  7. Thanks, Brian! I had no idea what they were called in English (well, French), so I didn’t even try to find a link.

  8. I think the joke is just that he replaced “Waldo” with “Wilhelm” and it’s a picture with lots of people in it. I guess I might find that a bit amusing if I didn’t already know that the name of character is “Wally” in the UK and, I assume, might change in other markets. So the German-language variant might be “Wo is Wilhelm”.

  9. So just what exactly is this Wally character trying to hide, always camouflaging himself in big crowds, always changing his name even though there’s no need for it, always on the move, always a stranger? Is it drugs? Is he a terrorist? Certainly he is no role model for the children!

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