1. How does it [work]?” Well, not that way at all. The head mirror is missing the central hole, and since it is concave, the reflected image the patient sees should be upside down, and probably distorted, depending on the focal length.

  2. @ Arthur – In the first three panels the little circle looks more like a rivet that attaches the mirror to the headband, which is another error. The mirror should be on a swivel joint that permits it to be flipped down to the doctor’s eye.

  3. Well, it certainly cured that character’s notion that he was beautiful… Although, concidering the fact that it is designed all wrong, maybe it isn’t a true head mirror but an object with magical properties which renders the viewer the truth of their beauty not unlike the mirror mirror on the wall.

  4. Yes, fine, whatevs. But what is the emotional meaning? Since it comes from C&H I would start by presuming it to embody something sick or mean. But taking this on it’s own, without presupposition, I could read it as gray+tunic helping green-tunic to understand their own hidden inner beauty. Oh stuff and nonsense!

    (I’ll be your mirror, reflect what you are, in case you dun’t kno! I’ll be the wind, the rain, and the sunset, the light at your door that says if you’re hum!)

  5. Because it’s C&H (and some clues in the comic), it’s probable that Green Shirt looks into the mirror and sees that he’s not beautiful; the doctor smirks at that.

  6. The doctor isn’t helping people realize they are more beautiful than they thought, he is just showing people a mirror to allow them to see for themselves their level of beauty, whatever it is. Just a joke on the double meaning of the phrase “can’t see how beautiful they are.”

  7. Knowing how C+H operate and the general type of humor the cartoon usually presents I would say that Billybob is the most correct. The leer at the end gives it away. The only thing missing is the carrot under their tunics that denotes some form of “excitement”

  8. I was taking it as some sort of weird triple or quadruple bind. “Curing people who can’t see how beautiful they are” is sappy and saccharine and for practical purposes absurd to take at face value. C and H is a cynical strip. Greenshirt guy is certainly not beautiful.

    And yet seeing his image stuns the guy to silence and it seems as thought he is just noticing his beauty in fairy tale “use this mundane way but view it with fresh eyes” way. So at face level the sappy and saccharine story seems to actually work and be sincere.

    Which confuses the reader who knows C and H is supposed to be cynical. Is there some cynical aspect we are missing? The Greenshirt guy is ugly perhaps? Or is there some joke in that the doctor wasn’t supposed to being serious and the greenshirt guy was naive for falling for it? Or were we, the readers, supposed to see how silly the naive and upbeat story is supposed to be?

    Or are we being punked in our insistence that there must be a cynical aspect but the joke on us that it’s sincere?

    Or it’s some weird triple or quadruple bind.

  9. I think this is a Reddit-themed comic. There’s a recurring meme there having to do with you, the reader, being special and like that. This fits right in with that. And this comic artist appears a lot on Reddit, too.

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