Nontransitive Synchronicity

Arthur: I see synchronicity between Cornered & Flying McCoys. I also see synchronicity between Flying McCoys and Frank & Ernest, but none between Cornered and Frank & Ernest.

ns cornered

ns mccoy

ns frank

Oddly enough, this is the first Frank & Ernest to show up here since Comigeddon.

Well, the really odd part is that just yesterday, I had to correct somebody who claimed somebody other than Mr. Thaves originated the Ginger Rogers line.



  1. And the credit of the Ginger Rogers line to Bob Thaves has been recognized in The Yale Book of Quotations. So far it’s the only quote from Mr. Thaves included.

    While the credit to underrecognized women is well-taken, in this particular case it is untrue. Fred Astaire was a much better dancer than Ginger Rogers.

  2. I believe that before comiggedon, you mentioned that Ginger Rogers, herself, acknowledged that it was Thaves who first said that.

    I also agree with UJ’s last point. I’d much rather watch Fred Astaire dance than pretty much anyone else.

  3. Note that the guy didn’t say Rogers was better, just that she did the same thing he did under trickier circumstances.

    And yes, she did credit Thaves, even while a lot of people attributed the line to HER.

  4. I think I see the joke that Cornered is attempting to convey (the screen image looks like a plumber’s crack), but I simply do not understand the setup. Just why would anyone “giggle”? What is the image supposed to be? (I assume that it cannot be what it appears, because no sensible lecturer would have the unmitigated gall to inflict a closeup of a plumber’s backside on an audience.)
    P.S. Even if Thaves and his son have managed to score a few high-quality zingers, I generally find the strip dull and not worth following. I would prefer to wait for the next good one (LOL or OY) to show up here, but I wouldn’t miss it if it never happened.

  5. P.P.S. Wikipedia claims that “Frank & Ernest” broke “new ground” by including an e-mail address, but I find it more amusing that the strip is attempting to preserve old ground by becoming the last known usage of an AOL address.

  6. @Kilby: The PLUGGERS strip also has an AOL address. (Well, it would, wouldn’t it? But even though I’m a self-admitted Plugger-type myself, I never had one. I did startle a local techie friend a couple of years ago when he learned I still had a Lycosmail address, though I only used it for backup/storage purposes.)

  7. I remember the day Frank and Ernest announced their e-mail address. It was *not* breaking new ground. Not many comics had done it but several had. Frank and Ernest was the only strip that *announced* they were having one. Most just silently started posting theirs. The idea of email was spiffy and sparkly and magic and a strip posting an email address would be seen as hip and with-it (or flashing in a pan to the cynics of the time) but no-one would have been surprised or floored by it.

    Hmmm, I could swear I had heard that ginger rogers joke in newsletter or magazine in junior high around 74. Then again I remember that F&E strip first running around 77. Still I’m going to maintain the line is older than the strip but I’ll never be able to prove it (but, still, the strip predates all the misattributed people [Ginger Rogers excluded] time of originating)….*sigh*

  8. What is the year on that Ginger Rogers strip? Is it 1982? I went to the website to search for it, but nothing below the main archive page is responding. (Is everyone who read this over there now?)

  9. My first email was the one WUSTL (Washington University St. Louis) assigned me when I started taking classes. I had various work-related ones. In the mid-90s I was an early customer of Hotmail, before it was bought by Microsoft. I have had those from a long time and still use them.

  10. Bookworm, the Yale Book of Quotations says the strip was for May 3, 1982. The GoComics archive goes back only to March 10, 1990.

  11. Thanks, UJ. I looked at GoComics, then at That’s what was apparently overloaded — or just having server problems.

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