1. Just an absurdism. The kid thinks they are watching some figure, probably financial and probably related to the stock market, rising and thinks the goal is wait to the highest value and then sell. It’s just supposed to be an absurd alternative way of thinking of the numbers.

  2. The kid is aware that 7×7 is 49, and perhaps thinks therefore that 70% of 49 is easier to calculate than those other numbers.

  3. Yeah my thought was that he has no idea what the answers are, so maybe if he delays it, maybe the teacher will forget about it.

  4. @ narmitaj – That’s a nice idea in theory, but in practice calculating 70% involves multiplying by another seven, and not dividing (the final answer is (7^3)/10 = 34.3).

  5. Stores going out of business often start with some lower percentage discount, then increase the percentage as the closing date nears (and remaining stock dwindles to the less and less saleable).

  6. Yeah, I was thinking of store going-out-of-business discounts when I saw the numbers.

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