1. “Now they will be carrying their rotary phone around??”

    No, but they’ll be able to find their cell phones.

  2. @carlfink — It’s been a while since I regularly saw PC and Pixel, but as I recall the artist is not a native speaker of English, and the text of this (and their recipe series) often was a little off.

  3. Tak Bui, or Thach Bui, was born in Vietnam and went to the United States on a scholarship when he was seventeen years old. He moved to Canada in 1968, where he studied at the New School of Art. His professional career as a comic artist and editorial cartoonist started in 1973. He created two popular daily strips, “PC and Pixel” and “Cheap Thrills Cuisine,” which are distributed worldwide. (From https://www.gocomics.com/pcandpixel/about )

    His own site is http://takbui.com/

    (I first found https://www.thibui.com/press-2 and wondered “how come they are only showin g her more recent and ultra-serious work and ignoring the old “PC and Pixel” and recipe comic?” Perils of internet “research”.)

  4. The author’s name is Tak Bui, he was born in Vietnam and came to the US as a teenager. I think the dialog is a little awkward, but passable. I’ve seen worse phrasing produced by native speakers.

  5. Re word balloon: Add a question mark before “I”, and change the question mark to a period and it makes sense. So, to me, it’s just a common run-on sentence.

  6. I own a “headphone” for a use with a cellphone that is made to look like the handset of n old deskphone. Something like this:

  7. Back when iPods were common I thought it’d be a real good idea to invent a docking/interface that would have a physical interface with on/off switch, and a few physical dials. I figured I’d call it “This IS your grandfather’s iPod”. I figured it’d do really well. Of course we can’t really do any such thing with smart phones.

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