1. I don’t get “Calvin Hair Club for Baldies”. Is that a play on something that exists or did the cartoonist just think it’d be funny to draw bald cartoon characters with Calvin style hair?

    Never thought of Sluggo’s shaved head as bald.

  2. @woozy: Well, there’s the Hair Club for Men. Is that still around? It was a staple of cheap timeslot advertising in the 80s. And you’re right about Sluggo. That’s just a buzz cut.

    OK, that’s two nitpicks for Reality Check. Is that enough to prevent its appearance in a LOL list being a sign of the Apocalypse?

  3. “I don’t get ‘Calvin Hair Club for Baldies’. Is that a play on something that exists”

    It’s like the Hair Club for Men, or the Head Bump Club for Klingons.

  4. The Hair Club for Men is what I thought it was referring to, which is why I thought it an LOL. And the characters DO look funny . . .

  5. Is “Hair Club for Men” to “Calvin Hair Club for Baldies” clever enough to be considered a joke?

    If the joke is drawing characters with Calvin hair, which is somewhat amusing, perhaps it’d work better if there was a banner saying “Hair Club for Men” (or maybe “Hair Club for Comic Characters”) and Charlie Brown saying “Wait. Did you all choice the Calvin approach?”

  6. “How come Frazz isn’t there?”

    Frazz isn’t bald. Why isn’t Elmer Fudd.

    Popeye isn’t bald either.

  7. Just to give one of the other comics a little love:

    I really liked the first one, probably because I read the sign as “paintless”, saw the caption and was going “huh?”, and then had an aha moment when I reread the sign. Funny how the brain works sometimes.

  8. Frazz has Calvin hair. I don’t know whether he was born with it or joined the Calvin Hair Club for Baldies.

  9. Some people maintain that Frazz is Calvin.If so, he got over his fear of bicycles.

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