1. Close to Home is the standout of this set, for me. I had to do a double-take to get the joke, and actually chuckled aloud.

  2. This Close to Home was very good, but the reason it is most notable (in this or any other set) is because it is so far above the average for the feature. It’s simply a shame that the quality of the artwork has descended back to the usual creepy ugly standard. In another artist’s hand, the panel could have been truly stellar.

  3. Does one prune a bonsai? I thought the ‘magic’ was all supposed to be done with light and water.

  4. “Does one prune a bonsai? ” Um, no… and people aren’t two feet tall either. And graduation robes have backs… and being a clown is an onstage performance and not a lifestyle choice, and….

  5. I see two synchronicities here. 1. A joke about something small. 2. A joke about something small. 3. A joke about a garment that doesn’t cover enough. 4. A joke about a garment that doesn’t cover enough.

  6. One _shapes_ a bonsai – it’s much better to handle it by pinching buds before the wrong stem/twig grows, but if a bonsai gets out of hand yes it gets pruned. Very gently and very little, but pruned.

    Huh. Looking at the link Arthur gave, apparently what I know is about shaping conifers, and deciduous bonsai get pruned more. Though it’s still “do it early before it gets out of hand”.

  7. @ Bonsai – In addition to the above-ground “shaping” mentioned by jjmcgaffey, long-term bonsai care also requires careful management of root growth. Both ends of the plant need to be kept in balance.
    P.S. I was never able to keep a bonsai alive past the second winter, so I gave up trying. The primary reason was probably humidity management, but a secondary reason may be that I started with relatively inexpensive “plant store” bonsai, of indeterminate (probably low) quality. I figured I shouldn’t invest in an expensive one until I could prove my abilities on a cheap one.

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