1. But he never got to kick the *&^% football. I was quite disappointed that Schulz didn’t let him do so on the last Sunday panel.

  2. As a Patriots fan I have to say Charlie Brown was better at baseball than we thought. That time he tried to steal home, he tried to be the hero but everyone said he was the GOAT.

  3. The TV specials usually gave him a small victory. The gang appreciated his Christmas tree; they made him a uniform when they didn’t get a team sponsor; the little red-headed girl slipped him a note on the last day school; etc. In the strip, he’d sometimes win but it was expressly a fleeting victory.

    The first movie had him winning the school spelling bee and rising to the finals in New York; then blowing it. The ending there was more subtle. Humiliated, he comes home and sulks in a dark room. Linus persuades him that life will go on. It does, exactly as before with the spelling bee already forgotten. And Lucy still pulls away the football.

    If I recall correctly, the little red-headed girl actually moved away at some point and he had a crush on a girl who was an actual onstage character. Also, Charlie Brown went through a period of being pursued by Peppermint Patty, Marcie, or both. For a while it looked like Marcie was making headway.

    There were late Sunday pages of Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown just hanging out, sitting on opposite sides of a sapling. She’d fish for a compliment or talk about something serious; his response was never what she wanted.

  4. ” I was quite disappointed that Schulz didn’t let him do so on the last Sunday panel.”

    Why didn’t CB just make Sally hold it, instead?

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