1. It’s more of a veiled suicide threat, if it is a threat at all. As for Cynthia’s last comment, I think it is her stating that when she threatens anyone if is pretty explicit rather than “veiled.”

  2. Probably right that she doesn’t approve of veils cos, as Mike says, her threats are pretty explicit. But as well as burkas, “veils” could refer to the so-named items on wedding dresses.

  3. “How is is ‘You make me lose my head’ possibly a veiled death threat?”

    Look at the picture. That’s not a suicide.

  4. But that’d be “I make you lose your head”. “You make me lose my head” is an implication the valentine is going to kill Cynthia.

  5. A regular reader of the strip would never think of suicide WRT Cynthia, but the threat part would be totally in keeping with the character.

  6. What Arthur said. “You make me lose my head” might not make any sense asa death threat, but if you tried passing this Valentine at a school in America, you’re going to get this treatment or worse (questioned by the FBI, or the local police.)

  7. lose one’s head (over someone or something)
    Fig. to become confused or overly emotional about someone or something. Don’t lose your head over John. He isn’t worth it. I’m sorry. I got upset and lost my head.

    There are several songs using that as a title, also.

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