1. He actually listened and was just starting to believe…when she came up with the “I’m an art installation” bit. Phew, he believed that…because otherwise the scam of modern art might have folded.

    Heh. The red-button extra bit is:
    “So after drawing this I found out this basic idea has been actually studied by real economic thinkers for decades.

    You guys are weird.”

  2. If she didn’t want him to know all that, why did she just give a lengthy speech explaining it?

  3. @ Olivier – Which was excellently parodied (twice) in the first “Incredibles” movie: “You got me monologing!

  4. Sometimes you can’t help but tell someone the Horrible Truth…after that moment passed, she came up with a cover story and maintained the kayfabe.

  5. That kind of doesn’t make sense. Why say anything at all?

    I considered this and I also considered her job was to make him find *some* reason to validate modern art. She gives the economic scam argument first. He doesn’t really buy it. So she gives the art installation argument and he likes that. So a phew.

    Still doesn’t really make sense. How hired her and why is it so phew worthy?


    “kayfabe” is that like “covfefe”?

  6. I’ll go on record as saying I quite like a lot of modern art. Furthermore, no, you kid could not do that.

    Not to say there aren’t hacks who produce nothing of value, but that applies to every endeavour.

  7. See, this one makes sense to me. I guess you have to personally have an irresistible urge to blurt out things you believe are true, even when you KNOW you shouldn’t, in order understand the comic?

  8. I don’t think it’s fair that only “supervillains” get interesting (and sort of endearing?) character traits like oversharing evil plans. Us “justordinaryvillains” have feelings too, and want to get in on the fun, you know. (Tries to twirl mustache, gets finger caught in nostril, exits stage left by tripping over own feet.)

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