1. I …. don’t think so. I think the joke is that when we hear “zombie outbreak” we think of an outbreak of zombies and here is a zombie having an outbreak. In this case of zits. And the cartoonist thinks mentioning another cartoon out of context (he’s… not a zombie) and reference to what the cartoonist thinks is a close association which it isn’t (The strip is called Zits, so… the kids preoccupied with zits, right?) is funny.

  2. I thought billybob had it and the resemblance was just coincidental, but then I noticed the “apologies” line on the left. I stll think it was supposed to be a simple joke on the two meanings of “outbreak”; the first problem is that the red dots look more like measles (so they had to be identified in the dialog), and then Leigh decided he needed to borrow a recognizable teenager, and went to the obvoius source.

  3. “It feels like Rubin has misunderstood what a zombie comic strip is”

    That actually *would* have been clever and biting. But I think the use of the comic “honoree” and the subject being zombies is utterly unrelated. (It’s actually bizarre; how exactly are we supposed to surmise Jeremy became a zombie?)

  4. Why does it matter how he (or his doppelgänger) became a zombie? Do you care how an elephant got into Groucho Marx’s pajamas?

  5. “Do you care how an elephant got into Groucho Marx’s pajamas?”

    I care in the sense that the elephant got into the pajamas is essential to the joke. It had to have done it somehow. Somehow the elephant did it and that is funny.

    I care that it’s joke inducing/consistent Confusing the Outbreak on a Zombie with an Outbreak of Zombies is but making the zombie a recognizable character is neither. Somehow Jeremy became a Zombie and that’s just confusing and not in the least bit funny.

    That the comic strip is called Zits and that zits are a common outbreak helps but nowhere near enough and not as much as the cartoonist thinks.

  6. “I love my elephant, too, but I take it out of my pajamas once in a while.”

    –apocryphal Groucho line on YOU BET YOUR PACHYDERM
    (the Secret Word that day was “Peanut”)

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