1. Doesn’t this character do this often, to see what’s under the water? So he’s a ‘turkey’ in the pejorative sense of that word. A kind of ‘meh’ joke.

  2. Clumsy Carp likes to watch fish. It’s an ongoing thing.

    A Turkey looking at a person being stupid and saying “they call me a turkey” is funny and acceptable enough. But the behavior the turkey sees should be reflective of something people actually do that can be viewed as stupid. Clumsy Carp’s idiosyncracy of sticking his head in water has been ongoing and has always been meant to be viewed as weird and unusual and that he manages to do so without harm as quasi-miraculous. So having a turkey observe what is weird and strange and bizarre behavior, and point out its weird and stupid… really isn’t that much of a joke.

  3. Is the turkey depicted in the comic of the wild variety?

    Those are a bit smarter than the turkey-dinner variety…

  4. Benjamin Franklin is supposed to have recommended the turkey (instead of the bald eagle) as the quintessential American national symbol; if his idea had been accepted, then Armstrong would have declared, “The Turkey has landed!

  5. As I recall, Franklin was jokingly saying that the turkey was a nobler bird than the eagle. He wasn’t actually recommending it as a symbol.

  6. @ Olivier – I’m not sure which animal you mean. I can think of three possibilities, but I’d rather not name them.

  7. I didn’t think of “coq au vin” until after I clicked on “post comment”. There are two other famous French delicacies that are based on animals with a less “positive” reputation, but I was pretty sure you didn’t mean either of them.

  8. Frog meat tastes like chicken and snails taste like mushrooms unless you have them with garlic butter (then, they taste like garlic). But they are not among our national symbols, although that would be cute.

  9. From Wikipedia: A rooster, also known as a cockerel or cock, is an adult male gallinaceous bird, usually an adult male chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus).

    You may draw your own conclusions as to what the French national symbol is, and what they eat.

  10. @DemetriosX, I use it all the time. In reference to my (numerous) cats. All but one are frequently turkeys, and that one is just boring. Beautiful, but boring.

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