1. Mutts, remember, tends to get preachy. Though I don’t know about blaming this poor schlub personally.

  2. Meant to send that one myself. I still don’t get it–it could be saying to stop carrying a briefcase, or to stop walking. Heck, I see a cow, a pig, a chicken, a cat, a dog — Stop eating meat? Stop having pets? Stop feeding pets? Stop feeding pets meat? (OK for dogs, if done carefully; cats are, of course, obligate carnivores, so no, just no.)

    Incoherent at best.

  3. Pretty sure Andrea has it. This isn’t a strip I’m very familiar with, so maybe this is just the drawing style of the artist, but I found it odd that most of the animals appear to have their eyes closed.

  4. That would be Pat McConnell’s style, to make them as ‘pacific’ and solemn as possible. (You can tell I read ‘MUTTS’ and collect all his books, can’t you?)

  5. “Though I don’t know about blaming this poor schlub personally.” I chose to see it as they were attemptinng to make the poor schlub more aware and to consider lessening his impact on the environment I choose not to see it that the next panel the animals surround him and beat him to the curd.

  6. Mutts has some amazing strengths, but also a number of incredibly annoying weaknesses. McDonnell can produce beautiful artwork, despite (or because) of the simplicity he employs, but then he sometimes ruins the overall effect by pasting in text using incongruous computer fonts.(*) The best strips let the reader enjoy the everyday foibles of the regular characters. The worst strips are when McDonnell ascends his soapbox to espouse his single-issue propaganda.
    P.S. (*) – I’m not sure whether the strip was ever hand-lettered; it certainly is not now. Improper use of bold and italic is another one of McDonnell’s annoying habits.
    P.P.S. I still have Mutts as my first link on my daily list, but his website designers keep introducing pesky features that make me wish there was a source where I could read the comic without having to put up with McDonnell’s preachy animal-rights manifesto, as well as his money-grubbing merchandising.

  7. Thanks, Andréa! The link didn’t work for me(*), but it reminds me that the Mutts website offers e-mail delivery, so I guess I’ll have to try that.
    P.S. The error message was “451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons – Sorry, this content is not available in your region.
    P.P.S. Anyone else have a newspaper source for Mutts that is not hidden behind a paywall? (Preferably with the monochrome version of the dailies.)

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