1. It isn’t typical but it also isnt out of character. Stone Soup is G rated but also tries hard to be realistic (when it isn’t breaking the fourth wall, like today).

  2. I certainly read this as an Arlo. Frankly, that’s about the only way you can read Phil’s reaction. The strip doesn’t really have a lot of opportunity to drift into Arlo territory. Wally and Joan don’t really seem the type and have their style further cramped by a hyperactive toddler. And while trying to find something for the paragraph below, I found two more Stone Soup strips here with Arlo implications.

    Not directly related to this, but we were wondering a while ago when it was that Phil became black. There was a classic Sunday strip a couple of months ago where he was at least decidedly more tan than everybody else, if not as dark as he is today. I guess it’s something Jan Eliot had to insert gradually to get it past her editors and hyperconservative newspapers.

  3. Umm, they haven’t been dating long, right? At least, in this incarnation? Since she counts a peck on the cheek as ‘one’, I suspect it is ‘kisses’.

    I like that they don’t assume absolutely everybody jumps into bed on the first date.

  4. It’s an Arlo but perhaps, if this comic is as chaste and innocent as your who read it more than I do claim it is, maybe a certificate for kisses *is* Arlo by the standards of the strip.

    Anyway knowing physical romance exists and the reactions they evoke in itself isn’t Arlo. You don’t have to spell out that they’ll be f***ing; it’s enough to just know it involves some variation of heavy smooching.

  5. If it was for 1000 or even 100 kisses from Ms. Brokeass, I’d say he’s reacting appropriately

  6. DemetriosX – It was around when Phil’s aunt was introduced to the strip and was black that I notice Phil was also. I just figured that I was too stupid to have noticed that he was. Then again, it seems to me that he changed color after his aunt joined the strip – which her being black and him being white did not bother me at all. In seeing the reruns it was good to learn that it was not that I had not noticed, but that he was not black at the beginning. It will be interesting to see when he changes.

  7. Meryl, it’s my recollection (which could be entirely wrong) that Phil’s aunt had actually appeared in the strip before Phil did, and Val (and we) later discovered they were related (which then necessitated Phil’s pigment change).

  8. Maybe there’s a Law of Conservation of Marital Melanin in the comic strips, and Phil in STONE SOUP got blacker as a result of Cayla (Les Moore’s second wife) over in FUNKY WINKERBEAN getting increasingly paler/whiter/bleached-out over the last few years.

    (I’m sure the timelines don’t actually work for this theory, but what the heck.)

  9. Shrug said,

    “Maybe there’s a Law of Conservation of Marital Melanin in the comic strips”

    I *love* this.

  10. P.S. Nobody agreed with me in the other thread, but his expression in the strip above still reminds me of this old strip:

  11. Bill – it is possible that his aunt was there first, but I remember her coming along when the two of them were getting serious – but I might not have noticed her before and she might not have been in the reruns before.

    At first when I saw his aunt I figured that he was white and she was not, but kept wondering if I was missing something and then notices that he was black (or colored in a bit) also.

  12. Mitch $ – definitely nice to find out someone whose work one likes is nice as one thought they would be. As mentioned (too many times I am sure) I collect stuffed bears, figurines, etc.

    In what I am guessing was the late 1970s a new line of figurines came out and I had bought a couple of them. The couple who designed them were to be at Bloomingdale’s out here and we went to see them. I never bought another one as the husband was there alone and was not as expected to him to be – especially when meeting potential customers (I forget the exact details) – hmmm, one of those bears is in a swing – I should move her to the teddy village park near the slide and seesaw.

    On the other hand there is another line of inexpensive bears which I have a lot of (I have to rotate them by month to fit in them in the 2 shelves I have for their display. I was leery (after above) to go to a signing event with the artist, but we did – several times. She – and her daughter, who with a friend dressed up as the bears for photos with people at events – was extremely nice. So nice that when Enesco dropped her line, I stopped buying anything Enesco except when I find bears of hers that I don’t have. (Photos in cell phone to try avoid more duplicates.)

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