1. As my two-legged Cairn is named Daisy, no, I didn’t LOL at it either. In fact, no matter the dog’s name, it’d never be an LOL.

  2. But if it gets people wondering about dogs and chocolate, maybe that’s a good thing. Although you’d have to be pretty ignorant about dogs not to know already. meh

  3. I almost named one of my dogs GASPODE (from the DiscWorld series), but it is NOT an easy name to say, over and over. Dogs respond better to the ‘y’ or ‘ie’ ending, anyway. There IS a dog in DW who died, but I forget its name (and gender). DEATH himself preferred kittens.

  4. Phil Smith III, it’s an execution, but since it’s a piñata, it won’t be shot.

    I’m looking for the 5th symbol. I see 2 crowns, K2, and eyeball.

  5. Bookworm: hmm. Thanks; I’m sure you’re right, but I still don’t get it. Might be the Percocet!

  6. Finally got around to looking at the original comic. The top part is cut off, and a loafer is the missing symbol.

  7. The Halloween gags have to start now, because the Holiday Season gags kick in before the end of the month. Sally Forth has already been doing strips on Thanksgiving plans.

  8. Breaking Cat News started the Halloween special last week. It’s All New rather than repurposed, with an in-universe explanation of why they couldn’t use “old footage”. The GoComics commenters are squeeing with delight.

  9. “I don’t get the pinata one. The badges must be significant?”

    Badges? Nah, really, he don’t need no stinking badges!

  10. Bizzaro is filling in,in our local paper, for Pickels this week – and probably next week. So it was in the paper today. I found it funny. I showed it to Robert. Now. granted he has been in pain in his shoulder/arm for almost 2 weeks so is not himself, but he did not get it! I had to explain it to him.

  11. @Andréa: Or, now that I think about it, Laddie may not have died. Big Fido did die, but why would you want to name a dog after an evil gangster?

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