1. The Piccolo doesn’t need a caption, but if there was one it would be “Do I have to spell it out for you?”

  2. The Nick & Zuzu panel reminded me of a wedding reception that left my wife and I with the distinct feeling that we had been fleeced. The bride and groom were not (principally) at fault, but everyone knew that they were saving up for some major acquisition. This inspired (too many) guests to come up with some “novel” idea to “assist” with drumming up money, so that the party turned into an interminable series of playful “pass the hat” exercises. It started right at the door, where someone had set up a scale, and each guest was asked to fork over their own weight in cents. When I think about it now, it would have been more enjoyable to skip all the games and just surrender the contents of my wallet.

  3. Fairly recently I came across this:

    Batman only fights crime at night because otherwise he would have weird and obvious tan lines.

  4. Re the geezer tag, I think you’re right. Art Gafunkel’s *name* is still well-known, but I suspect only us geezers remember what he looks like.

  5. That guy really does look like a young Garfunkel. I did some research and can’t figure out if he’s Otto von Stackelberg or Jacob Linckh, who are the two people in the picture. The only other picture of either of them I can find is of von Stackelberg and doesn’t look like either one of them.

  6. The only Jew in the colony of Virginia was Dr. Sequoia the doctor that the royal governor brought with him. Since Henry was only involved in the politics within the colony he did not seem to make it NY or PA where he would have met more Jews (or Hebrews as they were called). So,chances are it was a Patrick Henry impersonator with Garfunkel.

    Then again, in one of the court cases they do mention the “Hebrew pig farmer” which they think is terribly odd, but that could be post revolution when there were a lot more Jews in the colony.

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