1. Tundra took me forever to figure out. For a while I thought that was a toilet seat and lid.

    And in the first one, I’m inexplicably bothered by Paul not being out of step with the other three.

  2. Dorian Gray was 128 years ago. I had heard of the title, but didn’t know enough about the story to make this panel funny (until I looked it up).

  3. Bigfoot took me a while too. I first thought it might have been a boot jack, and didn’t think it looked all that big.

  4. …and Abbey Road is pretty dang iconic.

    Andréa – I knew that was gonna be OK GO even before clicking the link. 😉

  5. “Carl, I think the Beatles might qualify for an exemption from the Geezer tag”

    The Beatles had a #1 album on the charts less than a decade ago.

  6. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a stand-up comedian do that telegram joke… Can’t remember who, though.

  7. As to the last one – it actually was common to use the telegraph in it’s early years similar to the Internet – men and women who were working the telegraph keys would send each other these sorts of messages – but no delivery man needed.

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