1. probably a better question would be “I know all the dinner and candy and flowers bit by heart. But I would rather do something more special.Is there anything youd love to do that we havent done or not for a long time?”

  2. Yes, it is a symbolic Cupid miss.

    I am sympathetic with Arlo. Love is an everyday thing, not a special-occasion thing. So special-daying it ruins it.

  3. Funnily enough, today’s strip is a similar gag. Shows the two of them being affectionate and snuggly…and only remembering to wish each other happy Valentine’s Day when they went to bed.

  4. Spouse and I discussed a Valentine’s Day snuggle. Then, exhausted by the discussion, fell asleep.

  5. I like this one, although it’s more of a wry smile than a belly laugh. Arlo is saying — and Janis is agreeing — that he is romantic pretty much on a daily basis … more so than the average husband, it seems! She’s very lucky! But then he falls short — and Cupid’s arrow misses its mark — when he implies that his everyday romance means he shouldn’t go the extra mile for Valentine’s Day.

  6. Suggested to husband that since neither the Asian buffet (normally our Friday or Sunday night dinner) or Ikea (normally our Saturday and the whichever – Friday or Sunday we do not go to the Asian buffet dinner) were a good choice for Ash Wednesday, we should blow our carbs and have (cheese) ravioli for dinner cooked at home – cheaper than the other choices also.

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