1. “…and what better way to ‘I love you’ than with the gift of a spatula!”

    I dunno what’s worse, that Roger lifted his Valentine’s Day gift idea from UHF or that he didn’t know Andy would not appreciate the UHF reference.

  2. no man short of Peter Grififn or Homer SImpson could be so dense to think a lady in their life would want an inexpensive and practical gift.

  3. Hah! 100%l of my child has a birthday in November!

    The optimism of panel 3 seems… out of character. Andy surely knows who she is married to…

  4. For Christmas, I suggested my wife get me a new mini-vaccum cleaner, but she refused, on the grounds that it seemed like the sort of sad gift that husbands make fun of for getting their wives.

  5. Well, one year for either Christmas or her birthday (I forget which), Mrs. Shrug asked for and received from me a worm=powered composting box, complete with worms.

    Take THAT, feeble spatula jokes!

  6. Actually, now that I think about it, after refusing to get me the vacuum cleaner, she got me some kitchen stuff, including a spatula. (Which I was quite happy with.)

  7. “Hah! 100%l of my child has a birthday in November!”

    Only once a year, huh? (Well, that’s one more than I get.)

  8. Mark in Boston

    Once a year?? Unless James was having kids every year, the best you can assume is once for every kid. And… I’m pretty sure he has 1 daughter. So… Once.

  9. I hesitate to add to such a sensitive topic (particularly at my own expense), motherhood is a fact, while fatherhood is an opinion.

  10. ^^ There is a link there. Bill, you really need to look into the templates for highlighting links….

  11. I do not generally get birthday, anniversary, Valentine, Christmas, or Chanukah gifts – by my choice and request. Though this past Christmas was an exception. I found a Louisa May Alcott book I don’t have and I bought it – $4 in a used bookstore – then dropped it in a recycled gift bag while doing same with as many of Robert’s gifts I could get out of wasting wrapping paper on as possible, put it out with with Robert’s gifts from Santa after he went upstairs – other side of the tree of course – and then opened it Christmas morning.

    I used to get a Christmas gift every year – I would buy my new appointment book (then see above) and get it as a gift – then he lent me his Palm Pilot – no more appointment books.

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