1. Actually, Dilbert has provided a solution to its own question.
    Wally has been looking busy since before computers became ubiquitous, and his method apparently consisted of walking around with a half-filled coffee cup in his hand. I’m not going to scour the archives for the exact cartoon, but I have a pretty clear recollection of it.

  2. Long ago, someone asked Beetle Bailey why he was walking around
    with a clipboard. He said it was lighter than a shovel to make
    him look busy.

  3. >>Ja, if they’re both (re)published on the same day, it’s a judgment call.
    Fwiw, I checked dilbert.com before I posted to see if Adams was republishing old strips.
    And then I checked to validate that the 2/14 on the Bliss comic was 2018.

  4. I realize that, Bill. That’s why I bothered to go see what the current strips were for both comics. I knew the Dilbert strip from its original run 20+ years ago. Dilbert currently isn’t in reruns (or if it is, they are relatively recent reruns). The Bliss strip is the published current strip. The Dilbert strip was not. So it doesn’t look like synchronicity to me for 2/14/2018. And it seems highly unlikely that Bliss ran this same (non-valentine) strip on a DIFFERENT 2/14 that might have coincided with a rerun of the Dilbert.

  5. Old Dilbert strips are being rerun as Classic Dilbert on GoComics. Both comics shown above showed up today in my GoComics feed. This double-dipping (both older and new comics being provided) is also being done by B.C. and Luann, and probably others.

  6. >>GoComics runs classic Dilbert strips and the strip ran there today.

    Ahh… that’s the piece of the puzzle I was missing.

  7. zbicyclist – the Classics running alongside new also include Garfield, Foxtrot (although the main comic only runs on Sundays and Classics Mon-Sat), Nancy (I’ve recently dropped the Classics, since, rather than the beginning-to-end of the other Classics, it’s a fairly small pool being rerun randomly), and Wizard of Id. There’s also the special case of Peanuts, which is running reruns under that titles (currently in 1971, if I’m reading the copyright date on the current comic right) and earlier reruns as Peanuts Begins (still in the 50s, I believe, though it might be in 1960, by now).

  8. Is there anything about which you will people will not engage in debate?
    PS – Please feel free to correct my grammar.

  9. Shoot! I will be the first to correct to “about which you people,” not “about which you will people will . . .”

  10. I will stand tall and rip open my shirt, so that you may take clear aim at my center of mass.

  11. Related to the question asked in both strips – best thing I have found to get out and ignore housework – the computer, in the evening when I go online and “visit with friends” such as all of you instead of cleaning the house.

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