[OT] Is there any way I can divorce Idiot Bill’s wife?

It was bad enough when she joined Netflix using his/my e-mail address: but now that she’s quit, Netflix is sending her/me two, three, sometimes four e-mails a day begging her to return.

Apparently you can quit the Mob (or Heath Ledger) easier than you can quit Netflix.

The funny thing is, Netflix provided me with a link with which I can re-instate her membership using her credit card number. I am tempted.

(I’m not sure whether I can use this same backdoor to get her credit card number, but it wouldn’t surprise me)

Oh lord, now it’s Idiot Bill’s wife too!

She opened a Netflix account under her (presumably) own address, but everything sent to that address gets automatically copied to Idiot Bill’s address. Which of course is actually my address, since apparently he gave his wife his wrong address.

Because of course he did.

I checked, and this is indeed an active Netflix account.

So now I can change the password on her account and own it. God knows what other information I could get by logging into her account. Or I could close her account.

I won’t do any of these things but swear to God, I hope these two haven’t reproduced.


Idaho Idiot Bill Bickel. This is new.

While at the same time just more of the same. Seriously, how does every Bill Bickel in the country think he has my email address? I’m not even sure whether this makes five or six, that’s how bad it’s gotten.

I just got three apparently-important e-mails regarding his upcoming medical procedure, and I have no way of forwarding them to him.


Oh seriously, ANOTHER Bill Bickel? [OT]

IBB, the Seattle real estate agent, has appropriated my Gmail address. Now South Dakota’s Bill Bickel is using my Yahoo mail address.

So I know all about the Dodge van he and his wife Courtney own, paid for by his mother Laurie.

This would make him at least the fifth Bill Bickel to use either my Gmail or Yahoo address. This is getting beyond ridiculous.