Oh lord, now it’s Idiot Bill’s wife too!

She opened a Netflix account under her (presumably) own address, but everything sent to that address gets automatically copied to Idiot Bill’s address. Which of course is actually my address, since apparently he gave his wife his wrong address.

Because of course he did.

I checked, and this is indeed an active Netflix account.

So now I can change the password on her account and own it. God knows what other information I could get by logging into her account. Or I could close her account.

I won’t do any of these things but swear to God, I hope these two haven’t reproduced.


  1. I know you don’t need any new bad suggestions, but you could fill the queue with Smurf movies. Alas, to paraphrase a former president, But That Would Be Wrong…

  2. If you have her email address, email her. Since IBB isn’t listening, try Mrs. IBB. She may be married to an idiot, but that doesn’t imply she’s an idiot.

  3. If you her e-mail address, could you reach out to her and explain the situation? Maybe she can get it sorted.

  4. Chak and Snickers, I thought about that, but then I realized… she’d obviously created a new address in order to get a free Netflix trial (‘Netflixjuly” is part of the address), and set up that email account to forward everything to her husband’s address. Which means she probably isn’t monitoring her new address directly, because why would she be? So if I send her email there, the only person who’ll see it is…

  5. Why are you being nice to these idiots? If you actually want it to stop, change the password. Send the email. Notify one or more of the bricks-and-mortar versions of the sources. Eventually he’ll get the word.

    I have a similar problem with one of my gmail addresses, and have stopped bothering, but that’s because it isn’t that many things (and it’s sort of entertaining to find out random facts about him, like his blood type and where his wife went to college). If I was irritated, I’d have stopped it long ago, by hook or by crook.

  6. Not irritated. I find it entertaining.

    For the record, notifying other people has no real effect. Every once in a while I let one of them know they just sent personal information to a total stranger because the guy they’re doing business with is too damn stupid to know his own email address, but at most I get a thank you.

    I guess I’m really waiting to see how long it takes before I get a message from IBB asking me to stop telling his clients he’s a moron. He certainly knows how to reach me!

  7. Can you change to user names to “your husband is using my email”? Or something like that anyhow?

  8. Actually, a DIFFERENT Bill Bickel managed to use my AOL email for his Netflix account back when they were shipping DVDs. Every few days I’d get email confirmation of the latest DVD being shipped out or received back.

    He was… quite the fan of T&A films.

    I just hope this wasn’t the pastor.

  9. I kept my subscription to the DVD side of Netflix, and watch a disk every once in a while — though it’s a chore to prepare it, as I hardly know which of the “random remotes in a pile” collection is the right one, nor which input the TV screen needs to be switched to. But I have not gotten any email from Netflix in ages along the lines of “Do you still have this one?” as they used to sometimes send.

    I know that there are interesting indie and foreign films in my DVD queue that were not available on streaming, but somehow that isn’t enough incentive to get me to set up for and watch the ones I have now. Let alone find where my queue is and go thru to check what I’m still interested in, what I put there even if it was available to stream because disc was the default back then.

  10. That could be fun, John Christopher: put “You’ve Got Mail” and “Identity Thief” at the top of the queue, and go on from there 🙂

  11. I saw a video one young woman had on YouTube where she mentioned that she gets DVDs from Netflix. She enjoys the service because it’s like getting little presents in the mail.

  12. You know, it’s entirely possible that it was IBB who set up the account, not Mrs. IBB. I mean, why would she want to forward all her information about her own Netflix account to him?

  13. If you can see what movies they get, you can see if they tend toward chick-flix or Adam Sandler movies. Not that there’s anything wrong with chick-flix.

  14. Arthur, whereas I received an email each time the other Bill received a DVD, I’d have to log in as Jennifer to get her information. Netflix is more than happy to let me change her password, but then SHE won’t be able to log in anymore, so I’d only have access to her past selections.

    And it’s a new account, so he/she/they probably haven’t watched much yet.

  15. Bill, you could start advertising that you provide e-mail filtering and forwarding services,
    at say, $10/message, and send IBB an invoice each month.

    Then, if the arrears get to a worth-while level, before he figures out how to
    change his(your) address in 50-some places, sue him for the unpaid balance.

    Check first with an attorney, of course, one who has a sense of humour and a gimlet eye for detail.

  16. “unless IBB signed up for the service, he’s not obligated to pay.”

    Offer him the service, then include in your message that he can accept the contract by having email meant for him to be sent to you.

    Then, to make SURE it’s worthwhile, make the contract length 7 years, payable in advance, with a substantial late fee AND make the only way to cancel the contract by sending out a message to all his contacts not to send mail to your address.

    Be sure to include a “choice of venue” clause that makes the only court that can resolve the issue be in your state… otherwise, you’d have to sue him in Washington.

    Or you could log in, set the parental controls on the account to block anything but G-rated movies and TV-7 TV shows.
    If they’ve already authorized a playback device, it will remain authorized even though the password has changed.

  17. Even if contract law did work that way, we know you don’t want to do worse to him than he’s doing to you.

  18. @ Arthur – “…don’t want to do worse to him…
    To be perfectly fair, Bill could return the favor in kind by reworking his own spam filter so that instead of deleting the junk mail, it gets sent to IBB.

  19. Yes, people are stupid. When I turned 65 last year I picked a Part D (prescription) insurance company. Unfortunately it is a lot easier to sign up online for this coverage so Robert it did if for me with one of my extra email addresses – the same as he did a year and a half before for himself. Both times it was specified that nothing should be emailed – only contact by mail. It worked for him. (For those not in the US, it is part of our Medicare setup, it is a policy for prescriptions only and is purchased from an insurance company -we each have a separate policy for this, we cannot have a joint one.)

    (Strange – In the Murder she wrote I have on – she was just told that Mrs. Kowalski is involved in the murder – I read the salute to Uncle Irv for the the year a short time ago tonight.)

    It did not work for me. I started receiving an email each month reminding me to pay my premium – too late to actually pay it on time and a few days after I sent the payment. I also started receiving an email every month telling me that they had received the payment.

    I telephoned and explained that I did not want to get emails and that they are going to the relative who signed me up and he is annoyed. (okay, a bit of a lie) No problem, will switch to mail only. I continued to get the emails. I wrote to the head of the company and was telephoned by one of his employees. I explained. She said that she would fix it and I would not receive any more emails. I did.

    I wrote to the employee – with copies of the previous letter. She called again and told me that it was not possible to cut off all email contacts. What if I had none? Why does husband not get any – no, he does not want any. She would check. She called again and said that she stopped them.

    Lo and behold she did – I did not get any emails from them in June. But, (the stupidity point to all of this) in early July I received an email from HER asking if the problem had been resolved. She has been sent another letter.

    So, yes, people are that stupid.

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