1. They’re coming out of the closet?

    Affaire du armoir? (pardon my French)

    I got nothin’.

  2. I’m almost certain that the second panel was not there when I posted it in the previous comment.

    In any case, what is really happening (in both cases) is explained in this “Life on Earth“:

  3. @Kilby, nope, this post has not been edited post-publication. Both big panels were there all along. Perhaps a bad fit with your browser?

  4. In the one with several of the wardrobes surrounding the bed, does anyone else start seeing the handles (pull-knobs) as eyes in blank faces?

  5. Who was it who told the story of the husband who, finding his wife’s lover in the closet, or wardrobe, demanded, “Why are you in there?”, to which the reply was, “Everybody gotta be someplace!”.

  6. @ Mitch – I had already seen all three comics before this post appeared (because I had been hunting through Ham’s material while searching for the Spanish origins of Dr. More), so it’s very possible that I scrolled down past the first one before the second one had loaded and appeared in the browser window. The “related” posts take up enough real estate that once I got past Mark’s “French” observation to reach the “comment” entry frame, I would not have been able to see anything new appear up above.

    P.S. You are welcome to remove the duplicate that I embedded @2.

  7. P.P.S. It’s worth noting that all three of these panels appeared within a period of just four days (on February 26th, Feb. 28th, and March 1st). Even granting that the one in the middle was in a separate feature, it seems more than a bit repetitive. Spacing them out might have made the meme seem a little less worn out.

  8. Yes, I have to agree it’s not like when a strip will develop an idea thru several successive daily appearances that somehow build a storyline or make a theme-and-variations setup. It’s more like he was trying different visual treatments of just the same idea, but kept and published several alternative tries instead of choosing just one to use.

  9. Ole and Lena joke:
    “Why you standing dere mit no clothes on, Lena?”
    “I got nottin’ nice to wear, Ole.”
    “You got plenty of nice tings. See here in der closet? You got dis red dress, you got dis green dress, you got dis blue dress … Hello, Sven … you got dis yellow dress, …”

  10. Kilby – over the last decade or so we find more and more that things are not as we – both – remember them to be. Including looking up online where a former doctor’s office is located and in the place where it should be there is a building – but the building was small and red and now is large and grey. The other day I started watching a TV show and decided he would like and stopped watching to watch it together. An hour later when he came downstairs to watch TV the entire dialogue was different than it had been an hour earlier. Entire scenes from movies we have seen too many times to count are different entirely.

    We have decided that either we are both crazy (ok, we know we are both crazy, but this is a different type of crazy) or something is going on in the world. We have just decided that it all shifts in the timeline and accept it as that.

    (Example – I saw the tail end of a fictional movie about the, then, Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret being allowed to go out to join in the victory celebrations at the end of WWII. I mentioned the movie to Robert and he found it about 2 weeks for us to watch. In the part I saw when I watched it alone she had driven herself and a young American soldier, who had gotten out of a crowded situation, to the palace (where he had breakfast with the family). When watching it with Robert the American soldier got a car the base and drove her home. This difference was within a 2 week period. Must be just “some shift in our timeline”.) 🙂

  11. Since when is Dilbert in a romantic relationship (first comic above)?

    That one is not what it looks like, since it looks like the laws of geometry, or at least perspective, have been repealed.

    As opposed to the second panel, in which it looks as if the lovers were cast into the endless void of the heat death of the universe, after the stars have died.

  12. Wife: I wasn’t expecting you so early.
    Husband: The house is on fire! We have to get out!
    Voice from wardrobe: Save the furniture! Save the furniture!

  13. I’m not an expert on this, but it seems to me that a man who is in the closet would not be interested in sleeping with someone else’s wife.

  14. @ MiB – As borderline as that comment was, it still made me chuckle. Luckily, only Sven is in the closet, the rest of them are in wardrobes.

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