1. Completely incomprehensible, but I’m sure the crosshatching has nothing to do with it. It has to be something to do with the witness’ lack of eyes. I don’t think it’s the nose, the lawyer and the judge have equally big noses.

  2. This cartoonist seems to just not draw eyes on his human characters. He does, however, show glasses – as with the judge and lawyer here. So the contrast with the witness is misleading, and we probably shouldn’t think that he lacks eyes.

    Does anyone else think the witness box is made a little odd? I think it resembles an entrance stall at a rodeo, or a starting gate at a race. And that the witness might be seated on a horse that we don’t see. … Though that still doesn’t provide a joke, even after noting “riding” contained in “overriding”.

  3. Trying again: Remember Twelve Angry Men and the eye witness who was not wearing her glasses, both in court and at the time she claimed to have seen the accused? Now, admittedly the sheriff does not seem to have those telltale marks on his nose, but an astute defense attorney might inquire about the witness’s vision.

  4. Downpuppy’s comment led to the realization that Chuckle Bros has been in re-runs for over 5 years. I looked up its original appearance, and discovered that all of the comments at GoComics were unanimous expressions of puzzlement. Nobody there had anything better to offer than the tentative (but dead-end) guesses mentioned above.

    P.S. One revealing detail about this feature is that GoComics suggested “You might also like Close to Home“. Or I might not: it’s certainly not a vote of confidence.

  5. The witness box seems to have no way of getting in or out, unless you jump the short rail. Everyone has the same weird nose.
    I got nothing.

  6. Could it be wordplay on “draw” since many of these angles are forced perspective and draw one’s eyes’ attention to a certain spot?

  7. Something with sheriffs and horses was the best I came up with, but I’m unconvinced and certainly not amused.

  8. What I said above about the comments at GoComics was for the original appearance in 2014, but the 2023 rerun hasn’t produced any new insights, either. One might think that the artist (or GoComics) would consider this when re-running these zombie features.

    P.S. I think we should just rename this post to “Cow Tools” and forget about it.

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