1. I agree with U-V; Heathcliff has never been a strip that would dabble in “real” politics.

    P.S. On the other hand, a quick search for “Feeling Jimmy” produced both a podcast in which the Comics Curmudgeon discussed this very comic, and multiple references to a quote from “Apocalypse Now”, with an extremely NSFW reply.

  2. I’m taking the “feeling” as “understand, appreciate, follow”, as in the colloquial “Do you feel me?”

  3. I figured out that Jimmy is the frog standing next to Heathcliff, and it’s one of the two birds on top of the sign that is speaking. I don’t know if it was Heathcliff or Jimmy who put up the sign. Or maybe some third party. But that’s as far as I can get. Jimmy could be a politician or a concert performer for all I know. It really would help if the sign added “for President” or “at MGM Music Hall at Fenway.” Or maybe, as one does to a fortune cookie fortune, “in bed.”

  4. @ MiB – In the latter case he better watch out, because he’s going to get thrown at the wall and suffer a life-altering transformation.

  5. @ MiB – That slightly more romantic method of transforming the frog was added later, it does not appear in the version(s) originally published by the Brothers Grimm.

  6. It seems obvious to me. The sign is merely advising the birds perched on top of it to “Get ready for Jimmy”, who’s due to come strolling by at any minute with his pal Heathcliff, both of whom would make nice targets for birds perched on a sign above them.

    Whether the sign changes after they’ve passed, or when someone new comes along, is left to the reader as an exercise.

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