1. The description has it exactly right, the clown’s submarines will retaliate after their cities are destroyed. I’m just stuck by the fact that the projectiles seem to be cakes instead of the traditional pies.

  2. The land of cake-throwing clowns has attacked the kingdom of pie-throwing clowns. What they don’t know is that there is a “doomsday device” that will activate and cause all food of any kind to become projectile. It’s the original (intended) ending for “Dr. Strangelove”., in cartoon form.

  3. @ J.P. – Not just “intended”, it was actually filmed, but did not survive into the final cut.

  4. It could also be a clunky attempt at wordplay, going from retaliation by nuclear missile submarines, to retaliation by bombardment with submarine sandwiches.

  5. I’ll suggest a (better?) caption:

    “It’s a full scale attack, sir, but we will retaliate with our subs”

  6. Right before seeing this comic I saw a segment on Stephen Colbert’s show, where he visited the lonely US military base in Greenland. You may skip to the 3:00 mark for the explanation of what happens in the event a nuclear attack. Subs and red phones are involved.

    The volley of cakes in the comic didn’t make any sense to me but I’d prefer those over nuclear arms raining down.

  7. Back during the Korean Conflict, my dad was in the Air Force, stationed at Thule, defending Greenland from the godless commies. Plus sending up weather balloons.

  8. @Mitch4 – our nuclear bombers were all names beginning with V.


    I read an account of a V Bomber squadron leader during the Cuba crisis. On the day that it all came to a head he was having breakfast when a jeep arrived and he was told that he was wanted on base immediately. He told his wife to listen and of she heard the squadron take off she was to collect the children from school and drive to her sisters house in Scotland. He and the crew then sat in the fully armed aircraft on 5 minute ready for 13 hours. Knowing that if ordered to take off there would be no coming back.

  9. Grawlix, the great thing about being posted to Thule is that there’s a girl behind every tree.

  10. Grawlix, thanks, excellent video!

    The first thing I learned was how to pronounce Thule! My interior lifelong version was wrong at both ends of the word!

  11. Okay, James, I’m going to take a guess that there are no trees in Thule, otherwise, you’re going to have to explain your joke – it was a joke, right?

  12. @ Guero – Correct. There is exactly one forest in all of Greenland, located at 60°N. The overall tree line there is at about 64°N, with isolated (protected) trees as far as 67°N. Thule† Air Base is located at 76.5°N, so there isn’t a single tree growing anywhere near it.

    P.S.† @ Mitch – The pronunciation of “Thule” with the hard (Danish) “T” applies only to the Air Base, and not to Greek literature and other subsequent references.

  13. @ Brian – That’s exactly what I had assumed. It was iteresting, but only mildly amusing: it went on a little too long, after the jokes were already burnt out.

  14. I was NOT posted to Thule, but rather to Portland Air Base, which shares runways with Portland International airport (PDX) and has plenty of trees near it. I did some spot checks, and while there may well be women behind some of the trees, I can confirm that not every tree concealed a female human being. Darn it. On the other hand, there won’t be lawyers advertising about filing claims over the water in Portland, unlike a certain Marine Corps base in the state where I live now.

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