1. What I get from it is that looking at his phone blinds him to everything (or everyone) else around him. Once he is able to put it down, he sees that everyone else is similarly blind.

  2. Mark H. has it @1, but seeing this here for the second time, the shapes of the four frames look almost (but admittedly not quite) like they were intended to be outlines for the word “DOOM“. However, since Liniers writes the strip in Spanish, it is 99.44% certain that this is only a coincidence.

  3. Well, here’s the one from the Spanish edition on CK. It of course looks just the same, since there are no words! Interesting but problematic part of the theory: If he were spelling out a word via the shapes, would it have to be drawn quite differently to give word-shapes for both languages?

  4. I interpreted it as, “This phone is a distraction and the bright light bothers me. I’m going to get away from it.” When he looks around he realizes he can never get away from it.

  5. I like Downpuppy’s suggestion (of “DOVE“) much better than “DOOM”, but another possibility might be “DONE” (which I believe would be an imperative form for “donate!” in Spanish). However, all of this is merely speculative nonsense, because I’m sure that’s wasn’t the artist’s intent, it was just a random association when I glanced at the strip.

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