1. I’m not sure why this is a CIDU: Rodney and his fellow knight (or squire) have simply decided that they would rather have a BBQ picnic with the Vikings, rather than fight them.† It’s also not clear just what is supposed to be “curious” about the grill, other than the fact that it isn’t level. Yes, there should be a handle on the lid, but to be charitable, one could assume that it’s hidden behind the king’s dialog bubble.

    P.S. † – If this strip had run six days later, it could have served as a hidden reference to the famous “Christmas truce” that occurred at various battlefields in 1914.

    P.P.S. In “Asterix visits the Britons” one of the running gags is that the British warriors always leave the battlefield at precisely 5pm to drink hot water (they didn’t get “tea” until the end of the book), and also take two whole days off at the end of each week. Very civilized, but it puts them at a decided disadvantage against the Romans.

  2. P.P.P.P.S. GoComics credits “Mason” (Mastroianni, along with Hart) for “B.C.”; I wonder how long it will take them to give him equal billing for “Wizard of Id”. Both Parker and Hart have been dead for 15 years.

  3. My question is why Saturday? What’s special about Saturdays that make it more likely your best knight will have a cookout with the enemy?

  4. Anybody else first think there were flies buzzing about the group of probably long-unwashed Vikings? Sigh. Just birds.

  5. Powers is correct – Huns, not Vikings.

    I also think Whitey might be right in that Saturday is a big day for tailgating. That said, why would they invite their enemies to a tailgate? It would have been clearer if they all were members of Id’s army and there were banners and such.

  6. @ Mark M – “…why would they invite their enemies to a tailgate…”

    Why did the Brits and the French and the Germans climb out of the trenches to share a little Christmas spirit in 1914? Because they were sick and tired of fighting in a pointless war!

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