1. Two things come to mind here:

    Wasn’t there a contest a while back, “Win a workout with the Cowboys”?
    Maybe they’re that hard up for talent that they accept walk-ons.

  2. I guess the joke is that this is Edgar’s preferred excuse to not take calls, but it is not at all a believable one. It’s a big guess.

  3. Or perhaps even Edgar’s recurring excuse to his wife or mother for his absences from home. Which she maybe believes, but at least makes a show of believing.

  4. I meant to add, all those attempts to explain/justify the storyline internally are worth pursuing, but still the joke (or at least humor) is in a sort of sociological incongruity: does this look like the kind of household, or does the woman look like the kind of family, where Edgar would be an NFL aspirant? (And choosing the Cowboys just sharpens it.)

  5. It’s from 10/19/1987, which probably isn’t relevant because… look what I found (my apologies if the panel doesn’t show):

  6. …and now I’m in moderation. If I never get out, I found a similar panel with a grown boy (or man) on the telephone saying, “Supermom isn’t home right now — she’s out fighting for truth, justice and a buck.”

    Also the strip we’re commenting on is from 10/19/1987.

  7. But actually, haven’t there been exercise videos using NFL teams. Or gym-based programs claiming to use techniques from the training regimens of pro teams?

  8. “I don’t want to be in Dallas at all. It’s full of crackheads and debutantes and half of them play for the Cowboys.”

    Hank Hill, “King Of The Hill”

  9. I’m guessing he’s working out with that exercise tape featuring the Dallas Cowboys. You remember it, “Debbie Does Dallas”.

  10. How can I Learn to refresh before posting?

    Sounds like something to post on Quora. Then you can see how many stupid responses you get.

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