1. I would think the Zoloft prescription for a fly would be micrograms or nanograms, not milligrams. Quora says, “Living Musca domestica adult males weigh about 11.5 mg, females weigh 17.5 mg. Just prior to pupation, the larvae actually weigh about twice as much as the adults.”


  2. @Mark H: Ah, a Sackler opiod O.D. poke in the guise of an antidepressant that was once a cultural rage? Hmmm, just a thought, obviously.

  3. Whitey speaks of “an antidepressant that was once a cultural rage”. Yes, Zoloft was part of the enthusiasm for the SSRIs in general. But my impression was that the banner was carried by fluoxetine – remember “Prozac Nation” and “Listening to Prozac”?

  4. @ Grawlix – i had never heard of that term before, but it’s a very close call: A mondegreen is a misinterpretation of a word or phrase… and need not make sense within that context. An eggcorn must still retain something of the original meaning, as the speaker understands it, and may be a replacement for a poorly-understood phrase rather than a mishearing.
    While a dart gun and a fart gun are both weapons, they have completely different uses, and the latter is definitely a mishearing (the running gag being Dr. Nefario’s auditory misunderstandings).

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