Knitting a Searle Cardigan? (Bonus CIDU)

Thanks to Harvey Heilbrun for separately submitting and discussing this one:

Yes, you’ve seen it before! It was embedded as a comment in the “Shouldn’t his brow be knitted?” thread, and discussed in some respects, alongside the cartoon in the main post there.

The discussion there touched on the relation of Nick G’s illustrations to the Carolyn Hax advice column, and on the palpable relation to The Scarlet Letter. But Harvey points out something not noticed in that discussion: The man’s newspaper has a mostly legible title or headline on the visible back page: “After Searle”.

Harvey and the editors all figure this refers to John Searle, prominent American philosopher — and not to, say, the big pharma company. But what is the point? Is Nick sneaking an irrelevancy past us? Or hinting at a connection?


  1. Looking at the ever-convenient WikiPedia, I came across this paragraph (there’s more but too much to put in here) . . .

    “In March 2017, Searle became the subject of sexual assault allegations. The Los Angeles Times reported: “A new lawsuit alleges that university officials failed to properly respond to complaints that John Searle … sexually assaulted his … research associate last July and cut her pay when she rejected his advances.” The case brought to light several earlier complaints against Searle, on which Berkeley allegedly had failed to act.”

    When was the comic released?

  2. Well, it’s somewhat in the style of Ronald Searle, but searching for “Ronald Searle cartoon knitting” doesn’t help.

  3. I was going to suggest Ronald Searle too. But better not to get into that now that an Andrew Wheeler has arrived to thoroughly stink up the usually polite and respectful process of correction and suggestion with a triple blast of smelly disdain.

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