Goodness Gracious!

More an OY, possibly an Arlo-OY, or what my sister calls a “time joke”—one that you get, but it takes a moment.

zbicyclist suggests accompaniment and/or a hint via a link to this video:

He notes, “If you watch closely, the lip synch (particularly for the piano playing) has a few misses in it” and that another, actually live performance is better in that regard:


  1. P.S. Geezer seems appropriate, but the comic is twelve years old. I can’t think of anything that would have made this song “topical”, neither recently, nor when it was originally published.

  2. The song is a timeless classic, and therefore, it’s fair to assume universal familiarity. The near-perfect quotation in the comic holds the hand of anybody who hasn’t heard it recently.

  3. @ Phil – I thought that naming both directly in the comment would spoil the “can you guess it?” effect. You don’t need to read either page to get the joke, just mouse-over the first link, and the address should be sufficient to reveal the painful connection.

  4. I was there in July 1964 when he recorded the live album in Birmingham , AL, Municipal Auditorium. He rocked the house. Yes, JLL jumped on the piano and fully acted out the lyrics as if, Goodness Gracious . . . . . still makes me smile.

  5. Gasoline Alley has featured an arc with “Sir Terrence Smiles” playing boogie-woogie piano for the past couple weeks (to the general displeasure of the commenters). The character is apparently modeled on a real person, Terry Miles, who likes to play in mall settings in the UK.

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