1. Re: Zits / Semi-Geezer . . . do young people (and by young, I mean anyone under, say, 35) read HHGTTG? I (58), make references to it, and young people look at me like I have two heads . . . not unlike Zaphod Beeblebrox.

  2. If Rover is really looking at what it appears he’s looking at, doesn’t make the strip “canine Arlo”?

  3. ooo, from Dutch to German [a wee bit anglicized]. reading you is fun.

    @Kilby – My mind read the “that” without it being there.; your by-the-book expression of the familiar template made “that” the only word that could follow “doesn’t”.

    Maybe it’s something in the cosmos; several times in the last week, I’ve looked back and found that I’d typed a completely different word from the one I intended, and the replacement didn’t make sense.

  4. We had to have our male dog have the operation because of a health issue. After the Cone of Shame came off, he happened to look down between his legs and see the change. He immediately looked back at us with an expression of “What the hell? How COULD you?” But he got over it and accepted the change as dogs do.

  5. I was also wondering if H2G2 were still something that would be on a 17-year-old’s mind. We thought it super-cool when I was in college, but that was over 40 years ago, and coolness doesn’t always hold up that long. On the other hand, 42 (the answer to life, the universe, and everything) has made it into Internet lore, so maybe it has more sustained appeal than I would have guessed.

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