1. The only previous appearance of “Channelate” was just over a year ago. I wonder whether Winter Wallaby meant this post to appear one week later, rather than 53.

  2. Yes and no. Winter did create this post, about a year ago, around the same time that other Channelate post appeared. But he decided to use that one, and put this one on the shelf. I went looking around for something to use today (for lack of fresh CIDU material), noticed the approximate anniversary, and pulled it down off the shelf.

  3. @ Mitch – You forgot to add “…hint! hint!” after the parenthetical comment about the “…lack of fresh CIDU material”. 😉

  4. I sent in two Business Cat ones that I’ve been looking forward to getting explanations for, but they haven’t shown up, but meanwhile there’ve been at least two references to lack of material…

  5. Interesting, larK. I can’t find those in email anywhere. But we just recently had some comments about “Business Cat” in the thread under “Do you get the point” https://cidu.info/2022/08/23/do-you-get-the-point/ (which featured an unrelated cartoon except that it was about a cat in a business context … well maybe I shouldn’t have said unrelated.)
    Could you help us search email, say by identifying the email subject lines? Or just re-sending? Thanks.

    Everyone — I don’t know if the FAQ makes this clear or needs re-emphasis, but please don’t be offended if an email submission goes unanswered. As a matter of courtesy we do want to acknowledge all submissions — but sometimes that will just be in the form of publishing the cartoon in an upcoming LOL or OY list, without an email saying that is happening — or there may be discussions behind the scenes among the editors over whether a particular item fits our idea of a suitable standalone CIDU, and updating the sender unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle. Sorry about that!

  6. I liked this one too…I’ve been there…but I think it would have been more clear (and more amusing IMO) if he’d popped up in the third panel with some of the sweets he’d thrown in the bin rather than ice cream.

  7. @ Stan – I thought that was the whole point of the strip: just as soon as he’s managed to conquer one vice, another (visibly different) vice pounces on him and “forces” him to enjoy it.

  8. I don’t get it. First panel: barbells in frame. Second panel: he picks up presumably the out-of-frame barbells. Did the barbells magically turn into ice cream treats?

  9. Presumably the ice creams were lying on the floor between him and the barbells… maybe some devilish trickster planted them there while he had his eyes closed, something he seems to be doing in most of the panels.

  10. @ Carl – It’s already there: if you tap on the “folder” icon, the submission address is displayed (as a graphic image). While it would be possible to implement a working “mailto” link on the graphic, doing that would reveal the address (in text form) to all the bot scanners, which would lead to a huge amount of spam in the CIDU mailbox.

  11. Carl Fink says “Have you considered adding “Submit a Comic You Don’t Understand” as a link on the left side of the page?”

    Thanks for bringing up the idea, Carl. I was going to reply that our Plan doesn’t support Forms. When what should I discover by experimental clicking but a page of Form Responses, all labelled “[Comics I Don’t Understand] Contact”. When I say all of them , that’s all five. Dates ranging from January 21, 2018 (CIDU Bill saying “Does this work?”) to August 10, 2020 (somebody wanting to sell us digital promotion services). But the three in between were actually CIDU suggestions!

    So in principle, yes it could work! Meanwhile, if anybody spots and can describe where on the site a Contact button or form can be seen, please send in a description of where to find it!

    (Followups to where this is duplicate posted as a comment in Site Comments, please.)

  12. Kilby – “…another (visibly different) vice pounces on him and “forces” him to enjoy it.”

    Ahhh, I think we saw this a little differently. I didn’t anthropomorphize the sweets. I just thought that instead of picking up the weights, he reached for more snacks out of habit I suppose, and was surprised/annoyed to find himself doing it. I’ve definitely done something akin to this…

    “I’m definitely going to the gym after work!”

    (After work, lying on the couch eating Cheetos…)

    “What the he11?”

  13. @ Stan – I didn’t actually mean that the ice cream attacked him literally, but rather that his banning the inner “sugar” demon was only a partial solution; it left him open for an attack from his (still entirely active) inner “ice cream” demon. His subconscious may have led him to stash those items behind either (or both) of the disk weights.

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