1. There is a reason that this feature is named “Strange Brew“. This one is certainly weird, and it doesn’t seem to reference any commonly known predecessor or comic, other than the propensity of some land owners to decorate their yards with gaze balls, sundials, windmills, and other planetary tchotchkes.

  2. P.S. One thing that I really like about this panel is the manually applied pencil or pastel coloration.

  3. I don’t think it about decorations, I think it’s more like an infestation. Like having voles or mole crickets or prairie dogs or gophers.

  4. @ Wendy – I agree that the objects in the comic are definitely an infestation, but if you’ve ever driven down a country road in certain rural Ameican neighborhoods, you’d think that the gaze balls are reproducing like rabbits, too.

  5. @ Andréa – Back when I lived in the San Diego suburbs, there were a few houses that put 10 gallon water jugs in the front yard (used ones, refilled with tap water†). I was told that it was supposed to deter critters (either cats, dogs, or birds, I forget which). The theory was that the animal would see its reflection (or at least some movement) in the jug and decide to go elsewhere (like their neighbor’s “unprotected” yard). Perhaps gaze balls are supposed to do the same thing, but personally, I don’t think animals are that stupid, and they tend to decide on scent, not sight.

    P.S. Tap water in San Diego has so much calcium in it that you can see the flakes settling to the bottom of the glass. A large percentage of households buy bottled water for drinking and/or cooking.

    P.P.S. @ Boise Ed – That was probably a pun on “It’s Raining Men“.

  6. @Kilby Yeah, no one’s mentioned yet, that “moon yard” is a thing.

    Searching for just, “yard moon” (no quotes) on Amazon brings up quite a dazzling array (“over 30,000 results”) of light and bright on black moon yard enhancements

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