Some striking Macanudos

Some recent Macanudos. They’re all pretty striking, but in different ways, and generally neither straightforwardly funny (“in the classic sense”) nor definitely an outright CIDU. The tube-sculpture set as the featured image (above the post title) is a consummate meta. Others fit the “funny just for the absurdity of picturing it” tag. The one with Martin and the Olgas is kinda terrifying.


(In case the Featured Image feature didn’t work for your platform, repeated at the end.)


  1. Powers, no, you’re not expected to know that in advance. But reading the page, you may pick up on the fact that it’s the name of the comic strip being sampled here.

  2. bpostaw: Olga is the kid’s imaginary friend, and only says “Olga”. The kid seems to understand what Olga is saying, though. Presumably Olga is making a point by duplicating itself and repeating it, though to anyone other than the kid it would be terrifying.

  3. I like the double identity of David Copperfield.

    The birds recharging on the overhead power lines — are they just some invented kind of e-bird, or are they supposed to be recognizable as the Twitter bird, or the Angry Birds?

    The “Are you sure this is funny?” is a fantastic meta-question! And the banana peel at the end is a perfect postscript — you could ask the “is it truly funny” about a slapstick scene involving a slip and fall.

  4. I have been reading Macanudo since it’s beginning at Comics Kingdom. The artwork is always exquisite, the best in comic strips. The humor ranges from none to LOL, and when it’s not funny, it’s a window into a peaceful, fanciful world.

  5. So Olga is like Groot, who has a complex language in which anything can be expressed, but whose utterances, no matter what they mean, sound to us like “I am Groot”?

  6. I don’t think Olga is duplicating itself, rather it’s just a “multiple exposure’, so to speak.

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