1. Ummmmm…he’s returning the horn because he doesn’t need it any more, now that he has the goose to honk for him? I guess? Why am I not even smiling?

  2. He’s sad because he wanted a clown horn and he got one that attracted a (unwanted) goose. Thus he is returning it.

  3. I think Scott and Karl have it. It’s confusing, because at first I thought the horn was one of the hidden items put into Bizarro comics. There’s a gaggle of them in this gag.

  4. I also immediately thought of the “unintended and undesired goose attraction” explanation.

  5. I think Scott and Karl have it too. I’m still not laughing, but at least it’s more plausible than my explanation!

  6. The horn is his “ex”, and he’s sad to see her go. The goose is his current love/horn.

  7. Becky’s comment made me wonder whether this comic might have worked even better with Harpo Marx as the central character. That would have course limited its appeal to the geezer crowd, but sometimes I get the impression that this would not be a major problem at CIDU.

  8. Kilby, I can’t see Harpo working in this. I can’t see him being sad over the goose, it would probably make his day.

  9. Wayno’s blog has appeared, and though he did not add interpretation he did note that the joke was not immediate for all readers.

    Friday's panel made me doubly happy, being a clown gag and wordless. Many readers mentioned experiencing a slightly delayed payoff, which always pleases a cartoonist.

    Also just for the record, our posting title of “Honk if you like comics” was just obvious, and not modeled on his “Honk if you read comics”.

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