1. In Zoom meetings you only see people’s torsos. So they can leave their bottoms unclothed or in pajamas or whatever. This tendency is now extended to the person’s grave marker.

  2. There have been instances where people didn’t think things through when getting up or misaligned the camera so that people in the Zoom got more of a show than intended. One that I saw was Zoom court where a woman turned around and got up partway through to yell at her son to get off the internet and was only wearing panties “below”.

  3. Remarkable! And I’ve never seen The Ranganation before. Is that even a term that existed outside the context of this show?

  4. My Embroidery chapter went to Zoom for quite some time. Our meetings are at 10 am.

    Neither Robert nor I are morning people. Since he retired about 15 years ago (what he called a change in career) we have gotten worse. Add in the pandemic and – well I am sitting here at 2:27am reading and posting as we get ready to have our 3rd meal of the day – late night snack which replaces breakfast as we wake somewhere between noon and 2 pm and start the day with lunch. (Yeah, we got to get back on a more normal schedule.)

    So I would set up my laptop computer (desktop does not have sound as never used same before Zoom) the night before and get up at 9:50am, go into the office and turn on laptop and desktop computers (latter for checking info which might be needed during a meeting) and go to the meeting. I sleep in old ripped jeans and tee shirts. I would put on a better tee shirt before signing into the meeting (and then wear it later in the day). They now meet in person again, but I have not gone to a meeting – it is a small space and I do not feel comfortable joining them yet. Strangely – in January 2020 I did not go to the meeting as I had a bad cold and could not figure out where I could sit and not share my cold with everyone – sort of prophetic.

    On the other hand our reenactment unit went to Zoom for board meetings and later restarted general meetings on Zoom also. By then I am dressed and in the middle of cooking dinner for after the meeting so I am dressed more normal and my laptop and I are in the kitchen as Robert is on his computer in the office for the meeting. Since these meetings are at night I am dressed for the meeting. Though – unless we are going out and I will not wearing a jacket or sweatshirt – I do not wear a bra – how comfortable!!

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