1. Clearly they are linked. But maybe just multiple takes on a theme.

    If the link is closer, say causal, we can debate whether it would have been helpful, or just flat-footed, to show in the first cartoon that soccer is on the TV.

  2. Thursday’s panel does not continue the theme.

    That’s something I think I’ve noticed Life on Earth liking to do — Two or three different takes on an idea, but not expecting us to put it together into a story thread.

  3. Bill Cosby once said he tried to get his wife to swallow a ball so the kid had something to do in that “tiny little room” besides kick the walls.

  4. I’ve been puzzled by that Bizarro all day. Is it too late to make it a full CIDU post?

  5. If you want, go right ahead, but then please delete my comment(s) here and take them along. I didn’t think it was that puzzling: little “Robbie” has drawn pictures about “where baby robots come from“, including “the birds & bees”, “the stork”, and “basket in the reeds” (oops, that was Moses). He is currently working on a “womb”-like creation (in the style of Georgia O’Keefe). His “parents” are worried, and think it’s time to talk with him about the “facts of life”, or in this case the “facts of engineering”.

  6. No, that’s fine, let’s stick with it here.

    Stepping thru the various mini-scenes methodically, as you have done, was quite helpful. I’m still not sure whether the Lab is something the young’un would be aware of but needs to put in context for understanding where new robots come from ; or if it’s something he needs to hear about from null.

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