Pardon my 1590 mile displacement

A CIDU (or Ooops!) from zbicyclist, who explains: The line from Folsom Prison Blues is “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die”.  So what’s the significance of Kansas City (where everything is up to date, according to Rodgers and Hammerstein)?

Can you advance a principled reason for changing the city? And, more to the CIDU point, how does her “ready for marriage” second sentence relate to anything?


  1. Her body language says “flirting” to me. I suspect the humor has to do with her strange faux-western dress combined with very non-cowgirl hairstyle and giant earrings. She’s trying to do an Old West look, but getting it wrong.

    Notice that she’s apparently drinking from a moonshiner’s XXX-brand bottle, which is anachronistic both for the modern bar and an Old West saloon.

  2. “. . . moonshiner’s XXX-brand bottle, . . .”

    A story I may have told here quite some time ago, but I’ll tell it again.

    When we were in Australia, I kept seeing adverts in bars for XXXX; I thought, “Well, different cultures, different morés” and said nothing to hubby or the dive team.

    Later, much later, I discovered that the adverts were for FOSTER XXXX BEER (or, as Terry Prachett calls Oz, Four Ecks) . . . and everyone had a good laff at my expense. Including me.

  3. Could it be referring to the song Kansas City? “…crazy little women there and I’m gonna get me one.”?

  4. Whatever the location of her violent self-discovery, how does that make her ready for marriage? Maybe it means since she would kill without real provocation, a marriage partner would be on notice to avoid annoying her even a little.

  5. @ Andréa – My dad once sent me a case of “XXXX” beer while I was in college: it’s made by Castlemaine, which is a different company from the one that makes Foster’s.

  6. [W.C. Fields voice] “Is this Kansas City, Kansas, or Kansas City, Missouri?”

  7. Well, I didn’t pick up on the flirting, could not for the life of me figure out why she was dressed the way she was, and although I was aware of the reference, did not put too much thought into substituting Kansas City for Reno. But I took her meaning to be, “I have reached a point in my life where I have experienced killing someone, so maybe I am ready to experience marriage.” In other words, marriage can’t be worse than committing murder.

  8. Or committing murder is like a minor-league preparation for marriage. In Pardon My Planet, this woman is typically nutzoid anyhow.

  9. If she shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, she’d only be ready for divorce, since it’s Reno.

  10. And what does that (non-pornographic) XXX mean, anyway? Somehow a strength/concentration indicator?

  11. There was a brand of condom called Fourex. The advertising art included “XXXX” next to or overlaid on the name “FourEx”. (This ebay listing says “vintage”)

  12. Amuse Bouche:

    Best selling brand of condoms in the UK:

    Meanwhile, in other geographies:

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