1. I don’t think any local knowledge is necessary, Chicago was probably selected simply because of its ancient reputation for mob violence and rubouts, and “Angela” is just a randomly selected woman’s name(†). However, it is true that the rules for Hangman (and all digital implementations) generally forbid selecting the same letter twice in a single round.

    P.S. (†) – If the name of the city had been “Berlin”, then “Angela” would have been meaningful, but that would have distracted from the basic premise of the gag.

  2. Just because it’s flagged as a CIDU, the smiling guy on the right knows the answer to a game, he’s deliberately throwing it to eliminate his rival for the nubile Anglea’s affections.

  3. Are there “official” rules for hangman? I think in the games I have played, we just point out when a previously guessed letter is guessed again with no penalty. But on Wheel of Fortune, you lose your turn if a letter has already been guessed.

  4. And of course in most implementations of Hangman, the character getting hanged does not enjoy the independent agency to try to affect the progress of the game.

  5. The cartoonist could have just done something like, “First ‘Q’, now ‘Z’. What the . . . “

  6. That‘s exactly why I tried to try to retroactively insert the missing “r”. Sometimes typos are better left ignored, but in this case it totally destroyed the meaning of what was supposed to be a serious comment.

  7. Of course, I hadn’t noticed the typo in the original until you brought it to my attention.

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