1. It’s almost exactly the shade a former workplace was painted in, with accents in a sort of bottle green.

    Why yes, this was the mid 1990s, why do you ask?

  2. Well, Trotsky was the leader of the Red Army for a while, so maybe that association isn’t great for a shop. Womb pink may be more cosy and welcoming and would entice people to stay longer.

    However, the customer likes it anyway, no matter what it’s called.

    I dunno’.

  3. It’s hard to find a starting point. I mean, this storekeeper is apparently not supposed to be the famous Jean-Paul Sartre. But there isn’t much else we know independently about this shopkeeper, so to ask what-all “Trotskyite Red” means to him we really want to start with what the original JPS had to say about Trotsky. And that is not a single, stable opinion.

  4. In our WI house, we had one wall of the LR painted approx. this color, with a gold fleck overlay. Also front and garage door, w/o the gold overlay. STRONG color; one wall (with patio doors, so it wasn’t really a dominating wall) was enough.

    I would NEVER paint all the walls of a room the same color, unless it’s off-white.

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