1. The Monster was going to beat the Wolfman with a rolled-up newspaper, as one would do a “bad doggie.” But Wolfie knows the Monster’s canonical terror of fire, so instead of pulling out a switchblade or zipgun as one would expect in a juvie thug standoff, he pulls out a cigarette lighter.

  2. It also encompasses a couple of the running gags in the “Hotel Transylvania” movies.

  3. I think @Shrug has it. I was so distracted by the newspaper being The Pennsylvanian that I completely missed the fact that movie-Frankenstein’s-monster fears fire. Also, that looks to me like “Wookie-Man” rather than the wolfman, although I did figure that part out pretty quickly.

  4. I suspect it’s the Transylvanian News, not Pennsylvanian.

    Also, Wookiees have no visible ears, no visible neck, and no snout.

  5. Is this a prison? The circular frame suggests a spotlight, like we might see a guard use. Still not seeing the joke though.

  6. The background shading might be a reference to the “film noir” lighting in the old movies. Part of the humor is simply the idea that two such horrific monsters would stage an epic battle that is effectively a game of “rock-paper-scissors”. In this case the Wolfman is the clear winner (fire consumes paper).

  7. While the monster afraid of fire makes great sense – could also just be that wolfman can set the paper on fire so it is not a good weapon for the monster to use on him.

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