Clips (bonus cidu/amuse)

Citizen Kane took me a moment! The Old Yeller I don’t get, but I don’t recall much about the movie. Maybe my favorite here is Vertigo.

I’m recalling (but not its name) a comics-page feature which used photos of everyday household objects manipulated and posed, to fit a comic caption. I can imaging them trying to do this same thing with real paper clips. But probably the drawings are a better way to go.


WP tech check. L:et’s see if a WEBP image works in a WP post. It’s a bit tiresome converting them.


  1. Yeah, I’m seeing the second copy of the image just fine, in WP Reader mode. It’s a different size.

    The Old Yeller is just supposed to be a dog’s head, in left-facing profile.

    Is the Parasite about the other family living downstairs? (I haven’t actually seen it.)

  2. I didn’t know anything about “Parasite” so that one didn’t mean anything to me.

  3. What an original concept for a comic! Don’t get “bent out of shape” if you didn’t get ’em all. 🙂 I’m not familiar with Parasite or The Blair Witch Project to get the full meaning of those particular portraits. The others were pretty fun though!

  4. Eleven movies: three classics that I’ve seen and enjoyed, three others that I might watch if nothing else is on TV, and five depictions of gross hideousness that I have and always will avoid like the plague.

    P.S. I made the mistake of looking up “Parasite”, which turned out to be a truely revolting POS. I wish that shape had been entitled “The 39 Steps”, or perhaps “The Exorcist“, although the latter choice might have been too obscure for most readers.

    P.P.S. Thanks to deety for identifying “Old Yeller”. Why is an arrow the symbol for “The Social Network”? Or is that simply a mouse cursor?

  5. I suspect it’s a mouse pointer, though the shape is wrong for that. It could also be Reddit’s upvote symbol, but then it should be vertical.

  6. I think the Old Yeller shape is the gun he uses to shoot the dog (oops, spoiler!)

  7. Thank you, Urban, it was indeed Bent Objects! (Which is something paper clips already are..)

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