1. Hah! when I saw this comic this morning, the squirrel was the first thing I thought of. Clayton’s remark really is superfluous.

  2. What does Adam@Home have to do with the squirrel in Reality Check by Dave Whamond? And Clayton’s remark isn’t superfluous; he’s correcting his sister’s error.

  3. @ Boise Ed – Even if Clayton’s “correction” is in line with his character, it is utterly unnecessary for the joke. Yes, there probably are kids who will not make the intended connection to “pepperoni”, but those kids are also not going to know “paparazzi” are, either, nor why they are “jackals”. If the author is going to put a “parent” joke in his “kid” strip, he simply needs to accept that some of the kids are not going to get it, and desist from hitting the parents over the head with a painful sledgehammer.

  4. To be honest, this is the first time ever hearing the term “paparazzi jackals” for me, and I’m near or at geezer territory.

  5. @Mark M, and others stopped by the specificity of “paparazzi jackals”, I wouldn’t think the joke depends on recognizing that as any sort of fixed phrase. (Though the efforts of Kilby & others in email to track it down are appreciated). All it requires, really, is recognizing the very bad reputation that profession holds among the American (or wider!) public. The girl’s celeb get-up and the rest of the context can, with a moment’s reflection, make her intended point clear for anyone who knows the term and is aware of that bad rep. … And that moment’s delay and then the joy of working it out is what’s spoiled by her brother’s squirrel-like intervention.

  6. Point taken Mitch4.

    On a side note, when Lady Gaga’s song Paparazzi came out years ago, I made the observation (others probably have too but I’m taking credit!) that it rhymes with “Pop a Nazi”.

  7. If you have to have a squirrel or Clayton explain the joke, then your comic wasn’t funny to begin with and you should feel bad.

  8. This strip reminds me of why I love it so: the dad doesn’t mock the girl or shoot down her little fantasy,, he just wants to immortalize the moment. You know, before all the real paparazzi make that so difficult.

  9. Well, if it weren’t for Clayton’s comment, I would have sailed right over it, misreading what she said as “paparazzi jackals.” But the joke would have been about the same quality either way.

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