1. Girl is making a philosophical statement on the nature of free will, and how in retrospect there was only ever a single line of your life…the choices you didn’t take no longer ever existed. Cat, however, has created a false choice in advance. Neither considers that there are options off the path.

  2. Well, it’s true I guess that although we see two paths, only one is a real path that can be taken.

    Robert Frost would not agree.

  3. It appears that Roadside “America” is incompatible with “Europe”: “The Amazon CloudFront distribution is configured to block access from your country“. Can someone place link to the .JPG image in a comment here?

  4. Oddly enough I considered posting just a JPG, but posted the page as a courtesy. 😦

  5. Roadside America User Support usersupport@roadsideamerica.com

    to me
    Hello Mike,

    We don’t currently offer our site in the EU/UK due to the resident privacy laws in those countries (we displays ads on RoadsideAmerica).
    We hope to return soon!

    Roadside America

    I guess not contravening the GDPR would be an option…

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