1. Pretty sure “And then I died” is what happened. “Hold my beer” is a common Internet phrase meaning “I’m about to do something stupid and dangerous.”

  2. What madmup said, 100%. r/holdmybeer is one example (Reddit).
    A perfect example of requiring a cultural referent–seemed obvious to me, but only because I know the meme; my wife is not dumb but would also be baffled.

    I guess that’s common with comics, but still somehow always a surprise!

    The corollary question is: will this one age well? Twenty years from now, will “Hold my beer” still be funny?

  3. Kilby: I think in this case, it’s a shame he did take the squirrel with him. But, if the squirrel is dead, will he stop plaguing us for non-Pearly Gates strips?

  4. Sorry, I missed how easily this one would be dispatched. Not because of unfamiliarity with “Hold my beer”. The drawing just had me unreflectively sure this was an ape, or maybe pre-Sapiens hominid. So I didn’t put him in a modern context, and also made the remark about evolution.

    If I toss up a bonus post from our unused-drafts folder, I’m afraid the one I have my eye on will also yield to instant solution. I already know it was drafted as possible CIDU only because I leapt to a misunderstanding; I just don’t know what the correct understanding is or how close or remote it would be.

  5. I thought everyone knew the punch line to the riddle “What are a redneck’s last words?”

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