1. Why 1725? Arbitrary “got the date wrong” thing. The flash mob was supposed to infest a painting, they suspect they got the wrong one (rather than no one else bothering to show up).

  2. But why not “Well, so much for the flash mob. Are you sure we weren’t supposed to meet in a painting from eighteen twenty FOUR?”

  3. Surely “SEVENTEEN-25” is just a funnier number than “eighteen twenty FOUR” (or even “eighteen-24”)? Aren’t odd numbers always inherently funnier than even numbers? (Just as, say, the seven deadly sins are funnier than the ten commandments. Well, except maybe for that not coveting thy neighbor’s ass thing.)

  4. Yeah, I thought of the Permanent Floating Riot Club. Known Space and other Niven stuff was a significant part of my reading in high school and college.

  5. Actually (having made this page as big as possible on my computer) the women’s clothing appears more 1700s than 1800s. The clothing would be work clothing for a housewife consisting of a jacket and petticoat with a cap of the 1700s. Not seen, but I am certain the women would be wearing their shift (sort of A line shaped white under dress) underneath and stays over the shift and under the jacket. I am not sure, but I don’t think think that by 1825 they would have switched to corsets yet instead of stays.

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